2015 -2016

Gondola Gondola - Bella Venezia 2.0

…the shouts of the Venetian gondolieri to attract new clients are always ringing in my ears when I think of Venice. But there are so many more impressions and images floating before my mind immediately: 

the smell of the salt water lagoon, the wind in my hair on the vaporetto, the pale winter sun warming me gently on mild January days, the soft rocking and gurgling of the gondole in the water, the broad smile of Fabio in my favorite trattoria, the mouthwatering sight of piles of tramezzini, the wonderful coffee breaks in “Francescas’s” pasticceria, all the colorful reflections in the canals creating new abstract art work time and again, the delight of discovering new charming sights right around the corner and of course the dearly beloved fog that sometimes puts a veil on all urban noise and clutter leaving out only the essentials… 

There are several places I love to return to time and again and the number is growing as time goes by but there’s no place like Venice. From the first moment in January 2014, at first sight this enchanting place put a spell on me and has had a grip on me ever since.

Over the years I have discovered so many beautiful spots, delicious places to go to for a snack, an Espresso, a simple but yummie dinner, places where you can always find a crowd of Venetians as well and I have met very nice people that I try to visit everytime I'm in Venice. They all definetely make a difference: it feels so much more being actually there, being in Venice.

I only visit Venice during the darker winter months when the sunlight is softer, the chance of greyish weather is a bit higher and the lagoon town radiates its morbid charm of the past even more.


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