15 Mar 2024

Minimalistic Venice 2:0

On our photo travel in Tuscany in November 2022 Ronny had told us about the many new photo locations he had discovered on his numerous strolls through the  Venetian lagoon and in no time the idea of a new workshop - Venice 2.0 - was born. Right away a date was found - the group of course was already set 🙃 - and at the end of February we were ready to go. Some of us had arrived a few days early to get into the right mood for this very special place - to smell the salty lagoon air on a Vaporetto, to enjoy a first Spritz, to marvel once more at the gorgious architecture, to stop by at Francesca‘s for an Espresso…. to arrive with body and soul. 

Sunday night the group met in my favorite pub for a delicious spaghetti dinner to discuss the program of the workshop and to get to know our new group addition Dirk - what a nice guy, what a gain!

We did the sunrise the following morning on the Piazzetta the classic way and really pretty in pink and fanned out for other locations in San Marco. For breakfast we went to a tiny hidden bar in the quarter and then it was time to take the Vaporetto to Lido to a bike rental because today‘s program was a bike tour. We stopped at several beautiful locations for photos, had perfect overcast weather and a picturesque cloudy sky until around 16 o’clock it was raining so heavily that we decided to quit.



The heavy rain had continued all night and didn’t stop during the day either. In addition we had stormy weather with strong gusts which made taking pictures with tripod and filters quite demanding. With a lot of mutual support we succeeded in taking a few nice pics anyway. When the rain was just too much we took refuge in one of the nice little Venetian bars to dry our clothes a bit, to warm up with a cappuccino or to refresh ourselves with a typical Spritz 😊. After Campari, Aperol and Select Spritz Ronny and I ventured to try a Cynar Spritz - also very drinkable and in broad daylight quite relaxing 😋😅😋. Since it was still pouring with rain Ronny brought us to a museum 😳(first time ever) in Palazzo Grimani to take pictures of a beautiful ceiling. The statue of Ganymede being kidnapped by Zeus as an eagle hangs from the ceiling, impressive and very inspiring. 

On Wednesday the rain had turned into drizzle and we were off to Arsenale at 6 in the morning. One of the many weather apps we had consulted made hope for a bit of a sunrise. As soon as we had put up our tripods a big boat landed right in front of us partly obstructing our sight - daily life in Venice…😅. Since there was no prospect of a „visible“ sunrise we decided to go for breakfast first and return later. Before we knew it the morning was gone and it was time to pack. A last culinary highlight in the ice-cream parlor around the corner and „arrivederci Venezia - alla prossima!“ Bis zum nächsten Mal!

What deeply moved me on this short trip to Venice was the friendly cooperative and cheerful getting along in the group which by no means goes without saying. Big thanks to everybody!

Ronny was of great support like always. His incredible energy, enthusiasm and good mood is contagious. This was my 2. workshop with him in Venice and my 10. visit in this enchanting lagoon town… and although I have been strolling around here so often for hours and hours Ronny showed me new locations, special locations to admire and to photograph. To sum it up: another 🌟 🌟🌟🌟 🌟Workshop! Thank you, Ronny!!!        

Apart from all that we had so much fun despite the nasty weather. Special thanks to Dirk who provided us with so many funny and partly really mean „behind the scenes pics“😂. We all hope to see you again!


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