Sharpness is a Bourgeois Concept - 
Henri Cartier-Bresson

ICM stands for Intentional Camera Movement. It implies moving the camera during a long exposure. The photographer may shake, sweep, zoom, swing or rotate the camera body or do a combination of movements to achieve motion blur and an artistic effect. There is no clearly defined technique. Some photographers use a tripod and/or a flash, some do it hand-held. It's totally up to you... I love ICM because it's a journey into the unknown - beyond any boundaries...you never know what the result is going to be and the learning curve never stops.

31 Dec

ICM on the Island of Rügen

These photos were taken during a special ICM Workshop in November 2015. Sometimes when during a workshop or a photo travel things don’t work out as well as I would have wished them to  I let my pics rest for a while on the hard disc so that emotions can evaporate…These pics have been sitting untouched on my hard disk for more than 8 years...so much for that... READ MORE

20 June

Flowers of the Alentejo

During the photo journey through the Portuguese Alentejo DAVID SANTIAGO, together with JUAN TAPIA author of the inspiring book "Pinceladas de Luz. Dos Caminos hacia la Creadividad.",  showed us many different creative approaches towards nature photography. ICM was one of them..

30 Jan

Dalmatian Pelicans in Motion

This is a collection of ICM Photos of the Dalmatian Pelicans from all my 8 visits to Kerkini. It was SEAN  WEEKLYon my first photo travel to Kerkini who encouraged me to do panning. With UWE  HASUBEKwho is always trying out new creative approaches I started using flash in combination with ICM. The learning process never comes to a halt and that's what I really like about it. Never stop learning, never stop exploring...

15 Dec

Impressionism and Other Adventures in Venice 

Hand-held ICM photos from a trip to Venice in February 2015 and very few pics from a second trip in December plus the story why you should always carry your photo equipment yourself and how I made friends with the Venetian fire brigade 😂 … READ MORE 


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