So close to the Sky: Nepal

In October 2022 I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany my photography friend Hardo and his wife Steffi on a trekking tour in the region Solo Khumbu south of Mt. Everest and to visit the home village of his friend Sonam and the Capital area of Kathmandu.

Jan 2022

Stormy Winterdays on the Lofoten Islands

Heavy storms with lots of rain, snow and hail marked our one week's photography tour to the Lofoten Islands...


Burano - Color Explosion in the Venetian Lagoon

Way out in the Venetian Lagoon there's Burano, a tiny fishermen's island, and although it belongs to Venice it looks completely different. It’s been known for many many years for its colorful little houses which are reflected in the channels. The legend says that the fishermen have painted their houses so brightly so that they would find their way home in foggy nights or when they have had one too many.


A Look behind the Scrap: Portraits from Delhi's Black Collar World 

On my first visit to the Delhi scrapyard I felt rather shy. I had no idea, how the people would receive me - me being a European tourist, a woman, a photographer.  When I got out of the car my first impulse was jumping right back into the car as soon as I had set eyes on the many dirty workmen populating the streets and looking – what I thought quite hostile. What a misinterpretation!! READ MORE


India - People and Places in Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan

“I’ve often questioned myself, why Europeans are so nuts about India. Why they want to be there, to travel there, to put up with everything there. Clearly, India is not just a different country, India is a different continent, a different planetary system... READ MORE

June 2016

Ladakh - Where the sky touches the Earth

In July 2016 I visited Ladakh forth first time with a small group of photographers and our wonderful guide Jigmet. I was deeply impressed by the friendly people,  the backdrop of the mighty mountains and the tiny monasteries sitting right on top of them. 


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