15 Dec 2018

A Minimalistic Approach to Venice

Before I got the chance to get to know Ronny Behnert from Håggard Photography personally I had the pleasure to study his excellent book “Long Exposures – For Better Pictures from the Very Beginning” and to practice for two years what I was reading since it was almost impossible to catch a seat in one of his much coveted Venice Workshops. 

A typical Ronny-Behnert-Photograph is square, a long exposure, almost always with a lot of water and very clean and minimalistic. It was one of these pictures taken in Venice which first caught my eye and filled me with awe and wonder about his approach of seeing and photographing my favourite town which was so different from all I had seen before. Finally, in December 2018 I met Ronny in Venice…


No matter how minimalistic his photography is, even Ronny can’t do without the beautiful sunrise shootings on the Piazzetta … not in B&W but really kitschy-colourful with the famous Gondolas dancing in the water and San Giorgio in the background. 


But afterwards things became clearly stripped-down…not only our motives but also the sheer number of camera releases … what a relaxed way of photographing compared to my other favourite motives like the Pelicans or Northern Gannets: instead of 1/1000 of a second and less we worked with exposure times of 4 minutes and longer, instead of 3000 pics a day we shot maybe around 100.

 There is a lot of “spare” time left for explanations and background information, for taking a look around, for checking the pictures and also for chatting and having fun … apart from offering highly professional instruction, perfect organization and research Ronny is always good for a laugh. 

The practical workshop in Venice was completed by a processing unit in Berlin, where we learnt how to minimalistically process the images in colour and also in B&W so that our pictures taken in Venice got the necessary finish – all in all the perfect combination – big thanks to Ronny – hope to see you soon again! 😊

You will find Ronny’s wonderful images and details of his Workshops here: https://www.bewegungsunschaerfe.de/de/


In this album you will only find the typical “Ronny”-Venice-pictures of this workshop and of my numerous Venice trips all processed in the distinctive way Ronny taught us. All other photos of Venice which I took during the workshop and on my private Venice tours are included in the “Bella Venezia” folder.


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