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Back in Kerkini

Since my first visit in Kerkini in January 2018 I’ve come back 7 more times to this tiny village that is situated nestled in between the mountains on the shore of Lake Kerkini to the north of Thessaloniki.

Even COVID couldn’t prevent me from traveling – we were the only guests during those spooky winter days, treated like kings and queens and for the pelicans COVID didn’t really make a difference - all they were interested in was being given their daily load of fish.

Over the years this place has become so familiar that it feels a bit like home. Anna, Yiannis and all the friendly people of the cosy little hotel who would give us a warm welcome every time we came back and made every stay so nice and comfortable have an important part in the success of our Kerkini photo holidays. 

And of course, the wonderful scenery of the calm lake between the mountains with the flocks of the majestic Dalmatian Pelicans is pure magic time and again. No matter how often I come, every time it’s different. The weather is different, the light is different, the water level of the lake changes, the number of birds changes. 

We’ve seen sun and rain, snow and storms, we witnessed the lake freeze all over and had warm January days spent in t-shirts. But the pelicans are always there as reliable as the incredible friendliness and hospitality of the people and the delicious Greek food.

Magic Morning on Lake Kerkini

Big big thanks to George S. Blonsky from GEOpictorial for this wonderful video!


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