ICM on the Island of Rügen

These photos were taken during a special ICM Workshop in November 2015. Sometimes when during a workshop or a photo travel things don’t work out as well as I would have wished them to I let my pics rest for a while on the hard disc so that emotions can evaporate…These pics have been sitting untouched on my hard disk for more than 8 much for that... 

We always used a tripod with a three-way-head and a variable ND filter by Singh-Ray to achieve adequate long exposures.

We worked on 3 main subjects: 

The famous beech woods which are just perfect for ICM techniques. 

We spent a whole day taking a ride on the equally famous steam engine "Racing Roland" from Putbus to Göhren. 

We practiced ICM on architecture and details in Sellin, Binz and Puttbus.

And we tried out ICM on almost everything that had some vertical and/or horizontal lines...


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