12 Mar 2022

Prague in Wintertime

 When my photo buddy Uwe and I met in December last year  for yet another workshop with Ronny Behnert in Berlin we discovered that I had missed out to register for the workshop in Prague...well, Ronny fortunately made it possible anyway!!  

When I arrived in Prague Uwe picked me up at the train station  - what a nice surprise - and we immediately went out for a cup of coffee to bring ourselves up to date before we met Ronny and the rest of our little group for dinner. 

We started early the next morning right on  and under the famous Charles Bridge when all of a sudden it gently started to snow. Since it was already the beginning of March none of us had expected or dared to hope for that...we were so lucky!!!  


Although hungry and cold we just couldn't stop photographing to head back to the hotel for breakfast. Instead we were almost running from one location to the other to make use of the wonderful conditions which were just perfect for our minimalistic approach (like always with Ronny ;-) ) and the long exposures. 

It was past noon and had stopped snowing when we were finally willing to take a break. We were way beyond breakfast time so we decided to have a hot Vietnamese soup instead - Phở for breakfast 😂.


Ronny continued to chase us through the streets of Prague for the rest of  the weekend rewarding us with beautiful photo spots, lots of advice and little warm-up breaks in the cosy coffeehouses and restaurants of Prague until it was time to leave.

To sum it up:

We had a wonderful workshop with superb weather conditions, a really nice group and lots of fun - perfect job, Ronny!


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