03 Oct 2023

Small World Minimalistic

I love minimalism and I love high keys no matter what the subject is. Portraits, butterflies, landscape, birds - everything looks good to me in high key… so it was only logical for me to attend a workshop held by Austrian nature photographer Perdita Petzl about „Butterflies Graphical“. 

Instead of using romantic meadows with wildflowers in the foreground and flares in the background the pictures are characterized by a minimalistic composition and a white or black background. I particularly like dried grass or dried seed stems of thistles and other wild flowers for the butterflies/insects to sit on so as to emphasize the minimalism of the composition by even excluding bright colors of blossoms.  But of course I also tried it with  wild flowers in full bloom .

Perdita is an excellent, patient and professional teacher and has definitely sparked a flame in me with this type of photo.

These pictures were taken during Perdita's workshops in Austria and Croatia as well as on several "butterfly outings" in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.


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