30 Jun 2023

Tiny Creatures on the Meadow

Summertime - time for butterflies which also means getting up around 4 o‘clock in the morning which is definitely not my favorite time to get out of bed….it’s still dark outside and usually cold.

The latter is of a certain importance because it’s much easier to take good pictures of insects as long as they are in cold torpor. As soon as - with the sun - the temperatures are rising butterflies and dragon flies become agile and flutter away when you get too close to them. 


Unfortunately the numbers of all insects and butterflies in particular are declining dramatically in Germany because we are increasingly diminishing their habitats. As a consequence the early morning quest for butterflies has become a little strenuous and frustrating sometimes at least outside of nature reserves.

So I could hardly believe my eyes when I discovered colorful meadows in the Bliesgau/Saarland area with thousands of butterflies whirring over them. Up to then I had had no idea that something like that would still exist in Germany… - it was magical and heartwarming!

Almost all these pics were taken in nature reserves in Germany and Austria.


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